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Question by Angel Eyes: Business Homework Help?
Need a bit of help with these questions.

1. Financial assets represent ______ of total assets of U.S. Households.
A over 60%
B over 90%
C. under 10%
D. about 30%

2. Real assets in the economy include all but which one of the following?
A Land
B. Buildings
C. Consumer durables
D. Common stock.

29. U.S. Treasury bonds pay interest every six months and repay the principal at maturity. The U.S. Treasury routinely sells individual interest payments on these bonds to investors. This is an example of ___________.
A. unbundling
B. bundling
C. securitization
D. security selection

10. In a capitalist system capital resources are primarily allocated by ____________.
A. governments
B. the SEC
C. financial markets
D. investment bankers

Best answer:

Answer by Wukong
1) – b
2) – a
29) – d
10) – a

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