Legal armor donated $ 1 million in legal costs to help home owners facing foreclosure

(PRWEB) April 29, 2013

In response to widespread misconduct and scandals battered loan modification by lenders across the country, legal Armour launches a campaign to donate $ 1 million to support Americans deal with foreclosure.

home owners facing foreclosure frequently do not have the funds to hire a lawyer for sound legal suggestions on their alternatives, even when there is gross negligence on the part of their donors in the loan modification and / or their foreclosure approach. The owners are often forced to seek guidance from their friends, mortgage brokers, genuine estate agents or even on the Internet.

legal protection is far more cost-effective for the widespread American, said Yvonne Engelbrecht, vice president of legal operations of Armor. We have created legal armor to make it cost-effective for home owners to get sound legal tips. Get negative advice from uninformed but nicely-meaning owners typically lead to generating poor choices that could lead to losing their houses, ruining their credit and owe income to the IRS. Property owners need to discuss their circumstance with a lawyer who specializes in foreclosure defense that can give them the full range of alternatives they may possibly not otherwise be aware of.

legal Armor was developed to give property owners facing foreclosure affordable access to a defense lawyer foreclosure who can advise on their options.

Under its launch legal Armor is a gift of $ 1 million in the churches of legal solutions and other non-profit organizations that are helping distressed homeowners. Churches and non-profit organizations had been the bastions of hope for numerous homeowners. We want to reach out to these organizations and supply help for them to support their members who are facing foreclosure.

a church and nonprofit organizations that are interested in obtaining a lot more information about our program agencies need to pay a visit to


legal Armor

Armor sells legal membership plans for home owners facing foreclosure. Membership rewards incorporate protection of crucial services such as foreclosure inexpensive access to a lawyer of foreclosure defense, auditing securitization, credit counseling and much more.

legal Armor is a private firm that was founded in response to the growing need of Americans facing foreclosure to have affordable access to a lawyer who understands the foreclosure defense. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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Can our economic trouble we are facing today be traced back to ?

Question by TicToc….: Can our economic trouble we are facing today be traced back to ?
the Carter days when he and the democrats passed the Community Reinvestment Act back in 1977 ?

It has a chain of events that point to former democrat presidents as well. Clinton in 1995 strengthen the bill by introducing subprime authorization. Future revisions allowed the securitization of the CRA loans containing mortgages forced banks to issue 1 Trillion Dollars in Subprime Loans.

1992 : Required Fanny Mae and Freddie mac to purchase and securitize mortgages. Which lead to lending support for affordable housing.

It only get worse from this point on!

My point is that this problem is caused by the government legislation, and shell companies that lend bad credit to unqualified borrowers, who don’t have the means to pay it back. They did everything in their power to cause this. Call it an ace in the hole or up your sleeve if you will. This came up in October before an election, which I think was purposefully intended by the democrats as an insurance policy to get Obama elected.

Best answer:

Answer by curious21
True but not accurate enough; rather than 1977, it can be traced back to the implementation of a privatized banking system that is under no regulations but what it sets; Woodrow Wilson, 1913. Worst president ever, yea even more than Bush

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