Bank Of America Claims ‘inaccurate Or Faulty Documents’ Do not Show Homeowner Was Harmed

Banks are not above the law, but they will attempt to operate as if they are. Heres the newest: Bank of America has claimed that a couple from Indiana actually doesnt have a case against them for robo-signed foreclosure documents. Why? Since the family members, according to BofA, didnt try to do anything to quit the foreclosure, as a result they cant prove the bank harmed them. Now, heres the true question: Is it correct? Are folks genuinely just not making their payments and ignoring all these letters and phone calls and then letting the bank take their home? In the principal, no– they are all more than it, trying desperately to resolve the predicament and save their home. It is just their word against the banks.

Men and women who use the services provided by Tila Options accumulate lots of proof of all the harm the banks loan has triggered them, all the actions they took to attempt and quit a foreclosure, and their proof of this begins with the Forensic Audit and Securitization Audit.

Lots of Attorneys for lenders have been caught lying to judges in the past, claiming that property owners never ever attempted to apply for loan mods, even even though the homeowner had tried for months! There are countless reports of home owners who never ever even received a notice of default, but only learned that their home was no longer theirs when the Sherriff came to evict them.

The entire, You cant prove that we harmed you is a rather fascinating improvement that home owners would be sensible to do anything about. What proof do home owners have that they have taken each effort to try and prevent the bank from harming them? Seriously, if the homeowner is the only one operating directly with the bank (which is the way banks and government choose you work), it becomes his word against the banks. Appears the bank typically comes out the winner. Tila employees have investigated so many predatory loans to date that there is no doubt any longer of the banks harming the men and women.

You dont see also many banks claiming that they harmed a individual since of their predatory loans either. Unless an independent organization investigates the bank, you can count on the bank brushing the complete predatory loan, or proper to foreclose (wheres the note) under the carpet and out of your view.

Your home is becoming stolen from you by banks that claim they can prove they have not harmed you and it is ok to have fraudulent foreclosure documents simply because you were missing your payments anyway! Its difficult not to compare that to some justification a child might use, such as: it was ok for the youngster to eat all the cookies since no one else wasclearly nobody was harmed!

Typically home owners are missing payments on loans that had been designed to fail. Forensic Loan Audits consistently prove this. That right there is a lot of harm to the homeowner.
Most property owners are being told to cease generating payments by banks to qualify for loan modifications. That is a lot more harm to the homeowner.
Most property owners are being stalled with lost paperwork, didnt get your fax, and other ridiculous antics from lenders in the course of the loan mod method while the lender proceeds with foreclosure. Homeowners are typically waiting for much more than a year to get a loan mod the quantity of missed payment being added to a loan benefits the lender and harms the homeowner.
Most property owners who are getting foreclosed upon are getting foreclosed upon by a bank that doesnt even personal the note and/or has the deed rightfully assigned. That is the final bit of harm. Of course a Securitization Audit proves this.

But if you dont have somebody working as an authorized third party on your behalf, how do you prove any of it? If you dont have a Forensic Audit of the original loan the lender gave you accomplished, how do you prove the harm they are guilty of from the very moment they developed that loan for you? If you dont get a Securitization Audit completed to show regardless of whether or not the lender can even foreclose upon you, how do you prove that they cant take your home?

Even far more important than proof is the reality that if you get a company like Tila Options involved on your behalf, then more than likely you wont require to think about what you have to prove and cant. You can just believe about how you had been one of the fortunate handful of who really escaped the bank oppression and nevertheless have your residence.

You have to take care of matters and shield your self and your family members. The bank isnt there to aid you. They are there to protect their monetary bottom line. They have confirmed repeatedly that they appear out for quantity a single, and that is not you.

Tila Solutions appears out for you. Their audits will prove you were wronged and they will use these audits to aid you get a loan mod. A Tila Options Consultant is offered for men and women by telephone at (702) 508-0335. Or you can check out the Tila Solutions web site at . They will support you and your family. They are on your side.

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