macroeconomic issues plz help?

issue by Kenny : the macro-economic issues plz help
When banks bundled and sold securities backed mortgages resulting A. they isolated the banking system of any risk defects paiement.B. They have significantly reduced the overall risk of defects paiement.C. buyers of these securities assumed the entire risk of defects paiement.D. they reduced their direct exposure to default risk mortgages, but were still exposed in the form of loans to investisseursdans securities backed hypothèques.16. In the financial sector, “securitization” refers to: A. increased insurance coverage on deposits bancaires.B. requiring larger down payment on the purchase of housing in order to reduce the risk of loan default hypothécaires.C. clustering groups of loans, bonds, mortgages and other debt into new titres.D. increased collateral requirements on prêts.12. The “shadow banking system” refers to: A. the granting of credit through the underground economy when the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008produite.B. the process by which trade securities provide credit for personal and commercial needs outside Deles traditionnels.C bank loans. the series of illegal financial transactions that precipitated the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008.D. made to buyers who are risk pauvres.19 credit mortgages. Default swaps on A. helped reduce losses due to the crisis loan hypothécaire.B. involve the exchange of high-risk mortgages for securities backed by mortgages low risque.C. are ready to investors in securities backed by hypothèques.D. holders of securities backed by insured loans if they underlying loans were not remboursés.23. Which of the following describes the identity embodied in a balance? A) Assets and reserves Netteb equal value) of a net asset value égalitéC liabilities) assets over liabilities net worth égaleD) Assets Liabilities equal, plus the nette34 value. Banks create money when they: A) money prêt.B) add to their reserves to fédéraleBanque.C reserve) accept deposits of money D) sell government bonds Best answer:

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first ouhttp :/ / D. Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities (btw, you could understand it easily) 34. A (again, easily found in your book) Good reading. You’ll get much more out of it if you find as many answers as possible for you.

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Anyone know where I can find conferences addressing structured finance issues?

Question by rio180: Anyone know where I can find conferences addressing structured finance issues?

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Answer by Joe B.
A search on Yahoo! and/or Google for “structured finance” along with the terms conference and sessions should yield some leads. You may want to do a search for “global securitization” instead of “structured finance” but still including the other terms (conference and sessions).

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