Now it appears like AIG, an insurance coverage giant, is about to fail also? Who will be next? Must we bail them out?

Question by bassdoc: Now it appears like AIG, an insurance coverage giant, is about to fail as well? Who will be next? Must we bail them out?
The US doesn’t have the funds reserves (in fact we’re totally broke – which led to all these failures in the very first place) to bail out or shore up something.
I just saw the Fed is about to “release” (that means create a rubber verify for) 70 billion A lot more cash for loans – the difficulty is we’re in loans and debt up to our eyeballs!
Now AIG has been downgraded and is possibly headed towards failure also. Is this just one more domino in the line towards true Depression?
Since Sara and McCain seem to consider items were run just fine the final eight years, should we vote for them?
(PS: Hint: This has nothing to do with the Democratic congress which has been allowed to pass nothing except the Farm Bill).
Thank you Edith for pointing out that it is all Clinton’s fault (lol!)
No issue – we’ll just sell far more of our nation to the Communists or Radical Islam (that is been George’s remedy so far!)
Oops! My mistake! It was 85 billion dollars! (…Of taxpayers funds that is, It just occurred, and beneath Bush’s watch, not Democrats).

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Answer by LovingLife
Scary instances. 1 more giant crumbles, and McCain lies, however once again, by saying the “fundamentals” of our economy are powerful.

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CIR announcement of the next report, “subsequent-generation Ethernet: From one hundred Gbps to 400 Gbps and beyond” Due in November 2013

Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

Sector analyst firm CIR announced right now the addition of a new report to its schedule titled “next-generation Ethernet: From 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps and Beyond “which will be released in November 2013. CIR present in this report our viewpoint on how 400 GigE will be marketed, how the company case for 400 GigE will be made, and exactly where the possibilities lie for operators, gear producers and element producers .

About the Report:

40 GigE and 100 GigE most banal bleeding edge optical networking is prepared to embark on a quest for 400 GigE,. might be an intermediate step on the path to Terabit Ethernet

CIR was followed by the commercial development of Ethernet considering that 1991, when the now ubiquitous GigE technologies was the vanguard. We then analyzed every generation Ethernet all the way to one hundred Gbps. So, we understand the demands of users, technologies needs and deployment models. And we are particularly suited to recognize business opportunities arising from recent developments in optical Ethernet.

the basis of these far more than two decades, CIR present in this report our point of view on how 400 GigE will be marketed, how the enterprise case for 400 GigE will be produced, and where the possibilities lie for carriers, equipment companies and element producers.

This report will

compelling reading for organizations optical networking gear, sub-systems and elements of the worth chain Ethernet. The report contains a quantitative forecast more than the subsequent decade to 400 GigE a number of different scenarios, like an assessment of corporate techniques that CIR believes to be important players in this space.

coverage Points:


? The enterprise case for 400 GigE? 400 GigE an enabling technology: End User Opportunity? Information centers and LANs
Carrier Networks?? Eight companies to watch in space 400 GigE? When the gear manufacturers to deploy 400 GigE ports?? Possibilities elements and subsystems 400 GigE optical? On the way to Terabit Ethernet

Evolution 400 GigE Technologies

? Lessons learned from the fight one hundred Gbps? Coordination groups, standards and MSA? Gigabit IEEE 400 group? Ethernet study? CDFP hot MSA? Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)? 400 GigE impact on the improvement of other network standards? Interfaces and transceivers? 16 x 25 Gbps or 50 Gbps?? Optical interface issues?? Consumption? Connectors? To what extent copper?? Support the MMF and SMF? Parallel single-mode fiber? Achievable signaling systems? Achievable use of new modulation schemes? Use of forward error correction

engines and variables delaying for 400 GigE application

? Positive effect of the evolution of existing information on the require for a new generation Ethernet? Big Information? Cloud computing? Video streaming
Farms influence of content material delivery networks (CDN) and content?? Network architecture of variables driving the need to have for 400 GigE? Elements delaying the need to have for 400 GigE networks

prospective markets for 400 GigE

? 400 GigE in the data center
The development in the size of the information center, processing energy and storage capacity?? 400 GigE switches in future LAN? 400 Gbps in metro? 400 GigE for metro aggregation? 400 GigE in the core network? In 400 GigE switches and WAN routers, Networks? OTN 400 mesh and GigE? Crucial points of this chapter

Organization Cases and scenarios for 400 GigE

? economy 400 GigE
Objectives? Charges for 400 GigE? Price elements?? The deadlines for the improvement and deployment of 400 GigE? Very first generation: 16 x 25? Second generation: 8 x 50? Third generation: 4 x one hundred Gbps? Scenarios? Ten years and forecasts for revenue generation from 400 GigE? Calendar for Terabit Ethernet?? Essential points of this chapter

About CIR:

Communications business researchers was the publication hype with no industry analysis of the market place for optical high-speed networks for over 20 years. He lately published reports on rack level and optical interconnect board-to-board and active optical cabling. Go to for a total list of reports CIRS and other services.

Get in touch with:

Robert Nolan
Rob (at) ilumatech (dot) com
(804) 938-0030

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