Federal Grants Expert to Offer Guidance on Overcoming Federal Grant Reporting Challenges

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

Because of the way that grant programs are designed, federal awarding agencies and pass-through entities must rely heavily on the timeliness and accuracy of reporting. Late or inaccurate submissions have been seen for years as the first indication of grants management problems. More recently, grant reporting has taken on a new dimension government transparency. Meeting Federal Grant Reporting Challenges Supporting Your Claims and Feeding Federal Databases, the Sept. 22 Federal Fund Management Advisor webinar, will sort through the current and future reporting requirements that organizations are facing, and offer advice on how to best meet them.

Prinicipal of Federal Fund Management Advisor and federal grants expert Bob Lloyd will present for 60 minutes and follow with 30 minutes dedicated to individual questions. Participants will get answers to questions such as:

Q&A: Are we foolish to trust the credit reporting agencies?

Question by Joe in texas: Are we foolish to trust the credit reporting agencies?
Since they do not use debt/equity ratios or income amounts to calculate credit risk.
The credit rating agencies gave a high rating to institutions with bad loans given to unworthy borrowers in the sub-prime mortgage mess. Are the consumer credit rating agencies creating a bigger disaster with their voodoo credit rating system?

Credit rating agencies are now under scrutiny for giving investment-grade ratings to securitization transactions (CDOs and MBSs) based on subprime mortgage loans.

Is concumer credit the next crisis?

Best answer:

Answer by heybulldog
Trust isn’t the right word.

The sub-prime mess came about from fico score lending. They lent people money based on a stupid score and not looking at the person behind the number.

Building credit is the biggest joke of the 21st century.
It will bring nothing but debt.

We have enough Government in our lives.
The Government is not gonna fix you. You are.

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