The treasurer’s department is responsible for?

Query by M.v.: The treasurer’s department is accountable for?
preparing payroll tax returns.

sustaining payroll records.

signing payroll checks.

approving the payroll.

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Answer by McChrystal
In goverment the Treasury of a country is the division responsible for the country’s economy, finance and income. Treasury management (or treasury operations) involves management of an enterprise’ holdings in and trading in government and corporate bonds, currencies, economic futures, choices and derivatives, payment systems and the related financial threat management.

In corporations, the Treasurer is the head of the corporate treasury division. They are normally responsible for liquidity threat management, cash management, issuing debt, foreign exchange and interest rate threat hedging, securitization, oversight of pension investment management, and capital structure (such as share issuance and repurchase). They also normally advise the corporation on matters relating to corporate finance. They could also have oversight of other places, such as the purchase of insurance coverage.

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Which party was responsible for the Community Reinvestm act ?

Question by Repairmanjack: Which party was responsible for the Community Reinvestm act ?
This was the legislation that that forced banks to lend to people that could not pay it back. Were far left lobbyests involved? Was ACORN involved? Did they make money off this?

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Answer by Nikki
Democratss. Yes. Yes. And yes.

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How long until former presidents become responsible for the US economy again?

Question by Chewy Ivan 2: How long until former presidents become responsible for the US economy again?
Conservatives blamed the economic collapse of 2008 on President Clinton, seven and a half years after he left office. Yet only a year and a half out of office, they claim President Bush is no longer responsible for the economy. When will President Bush become at least partly responsible for the economy again?
For Jaker: The Republicans controlled Congress from January 1995 to January 2007, less than a year before the last recession began. Is it really a Democrat-controlled Congress that caused all the problems?

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Answer by jaker
They cite things Clinton did as encouraging the housing bubble but he is by no means totally responsible for what the Congress did after he left office. Bush happened to be in office when that bubble burst and he is really no more responsible than Clinton. The real blame rests with the dem controlled Congress.

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