Security Professionals: Become Proactive Instead of Reactive with Ethical Hacking Training

Algonquin, IL (PRWEB) May 23, 2014

Unfortunately, the threat of cyber attacks has become a routine part of doing business for many U.S. companies. In fact, about 90 percent of corporations surveyed by the Ponemon Institute in 2011 have had at least one data breach during the past year. But large companies are not the only ones vulnerable to attack; small businesses were victimized in 31 percent of all cyber attacks in 2012, according to cybersecurity firm Symantec. With companies large and small susceptible to ever more targeted and sophisticated attacks on a daily basis, courses in ethical hacking are becoming increasingly beneficial to information technology (IT) and security (IS) professionals, who can use the information they learn to better secure their employers networks, applications and other assets.

In an effort to help IT and IS professionals understand the mindset, methods and tools that hackers use to instigate cyber attacks, CEO Anthony Valente is pleased to announce Network Defense Solutions, Inc. is now offering online education courses on the Introduction to Ethical Hacking. These courses are being presented in a joint launch with Internet Tech Specialists, a full-service technology and training company.

“As security professionals, Anthony and I feel it’s imperative for others to understand how hackers and malware producers craft their exploits,” says Debbie Mahler, Internet Tech Specialists CEO, “By understanding how it’s done, security professionals can recognize new attack vectors as they appear as well as recognize how to close holes in their networks, devices and software that are making them vulnerable in the first place.”

While Valente and Mahler understand the importance of teaching ethical hacking principles to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students and security professionals seeking ongoing education, many colleges and universities do not offer ethical hacking courses in fear that the information taught will be used for malicious acts.

“Because schools won’t let us teach this kind of information,” Valente says, “Weve decided to deliver this content ourselves.

However, this is not a course to teach people how to hack in the malicious setting. Hacking is illegal, he adds. The course is designed to teach current and aspiring security professionals, as well as students involved or seeking to get involved with STEM who are 18 years and older, what they need to know in order to deliver the highest level of security in their professional capacity.”

Therefore, students should be aware that the classes are not designed to help them gain access to networks they do not have permission or legal documentation stipulating they may perform a network-penetration test or security audit.

Students can register for one-week or eight-week course sessions. Downloadable materials, video tutorials and virtual machines are included in course fees. Additionally, students have access to a discussion forum where they can engage with instructors and other students.

One-week Courses:

Mutunga orders forensic audit into Milimani courts project

Mutunga orders forensic audit into Milimani courts project The Ministry of Public Works is this afternoon (Thursday) expected to defend itself against allegations that it colluded with contractor…
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Kinds of forensic investigation

Forensic investigation is a practice of lawfully establishing evidence and facts that are to be presented in a court of law. The word forensic is derived from the Latin word forensis and means “of or just before the forum.” In modern day instances, the term is employed for practically all investigations, ranging from laptop crimes to murders. When most men and women consider about a forensic investigation, they think about crime scene investigation, but there are other forms of forensic investigation. There are numerals kinds of forensic investigation which are quite element of crime investigation either in felonies or misdemeanour. Some sort of pioneering forensic investigations are pointed out beneath:

Cyber crime investigation: Web Auctions,  On the internet Gambling,  On-line Rental Ads,  Peer-to-Peer Networks, Social Networking, Wi-Fi Connections,  Perform-at-Home Offer you

Forensic Anthropology: Bone Analysis¬¬¬- The application of anthropological information and methods in a legal context. This includes detailed understanding of osteology (skeletal anatomy and biology) to aid in the identification and result in of death of skeletal remains, as well as the recovery of remains employing archaeological strategies.

Chromatography: Chromatography includes a sample (or sample extract) getting dissolved in a mobile phase (which may possibly be a gas, a liquid or a supercritical fluid). The mobile phase is then forced by means of an immobile, immiscible stationary phase. The phases are selected such that components of the sample have differing solubilities in each and every phase. A element which is really soluble in the stationary phase will take longer to travel by way of it than a element which is not really soluble in the stationary phase but extremely soluble in the mobile phase. As a outcome of these variations in mobilities, sample elements will become separated from every other as they travel by means of the stationary phase.

DNA Profiling: It assists in disputed paternity, kid swapping either accidentally or deliberately, home hereditary circumstances, immigration disputes, etc.

Fingerprinting: Fingerprints recognition is a extremely crucial part of resolving instances. Occasionally only with the help of fingerprint evaluation, the controversial instances which includes fingerprints, palm prints or thumb impressions.
Physical Evidence: Fibre, Stain, and Hair Evaluation

Handwriting Evaluation:  involved in producing a character profile of the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and strokes of an individual’s handwriting.

Psychological Evaluation Division: this division is a new evolution in forensic investigation . it reads the human psychology with the aid of polygraph which include LIE DETECTION, NARCO ANAYSIS, BRAIN MAPPING.

Counterfeiting investigation unit: it aids to know about the authenticity of  forged stamp papers, cheques, drafts, marks lists , counterfeit currency, share certificates, handwriting/signature forgeries and document manipulations (erased, obliterated) , sale deeds, labels and any other document problems, civil or criminal in nature.

Audio &amp Video Authentication Division: Identification of the speaker from the audio devices and authentication of photos from the videos and photographs.

Forensic investigation is a evolution for the options of most of the criminal cases now which is very considerably effective in hardcore cases also. Forensic Science is creating the prosecution of the perpetrators of crime less complicated by making the proof collected at crime scenes irrefutable.

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Manpreet Kaur

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Forensic Locksmithing: Exciting Much

Forensic Locksmithing is a category that no several people know about and hence is reasonably unknown. It entails the activity of investigation for governmental bodies, law enforcement agencies or private businesses. Also known as Investigative Locksmith, the job description involves the analysis of locks determine if t has been broken into, finding out the signifies of access, the tools utilized and the time and skill that went into play. Though it sounds so fascinating and familiar to that of a detective, a forensic locksmith does not truly solve situations but in fact support the team with the investigations be offering them with evidences and suggestions as t what happened and how they should proceed to get their final outcome. Apart from participating in finding the answer of criminal instances, these locksmiths also do routinely security maintenances for governments or any private ventures to figure out methods how a lock has been compromised. So fundamentally, what does it take to be a forensic locksmith? Of course you need to have to complete the basic education that is essential and obtain the certification but you require the passion for it.

Extensive knowledge of how locks, safes, and keying systems operate and interact with 1 an additional and specifics of widespread locks, their characteristics, installation specifics, and safety vulnerabilities are all critical in becoming a Forensic Locksmith. The distinct expertise required by a forensic locksmith also entails photograph capabilities, proof collection and preservation coaching, adequate verbal communication abilities for interrogation purposes and acting as witnesses and sufficient written communication to print down the investigative reports.

This profession is mostly beneath determined by several but one particular should comprehend that the ability required to examine tampered locks is very beneficial and priceless. . Distinguishing among the a variety of approaches of entry lets the forensic locksmith speedily recognize and categorize both known and unknown entry techniques. A thorough understanding of locks, safes, and keying systems makes it possible for them to supply insight into an frequently misunderstood area of physical safety. With the facts supplied by a forensic locksmith, investigators can far better focus their efforts on what is crucial.

Forensic locksmith has a lot of potential of becoming a well-known profession field and especially with the advancement and awareness spreading so intensely, it would not be considerably of surprise to see numerous youngsters opting for it as their future professions. It would be promising and rather time engaging with an added spice o life. It would be nearly equivalent to being a policeman or working under operating on some best secret and confidential case. Just imagine getting element of a team operating on the break-in in a single of the most secured areas in the world it would be a scene straight out of Sherlock Holmes, collecting proof, looking for fingertips, making ideas and drawing up conclusions accusing the culprit lastly. It would a slow step by step procedure but worth the complete discomfort a single would have to go via to put that final piece of the puzzle in its location.

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Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit. Does it function?

Question by ThuyTien: Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit. Does it function?
The group that I was speaking to was Genesis Funding Group. They stated that for two loans they’re going to charge about $ 3000 dollars for solutions and attorneys and all that. Is that my only out of pocket expense? Also, is it a scam?

Best answer:

Answer by Hoa N
It is a scam. Nothing at all is Forensic about it. All fancy name deliver nothing except you will shed 3000 bucks

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Nexusguard Consulting Highlights the Promise and Perils of Mobile Payments at CARTES Asia

(PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Nexusguard Consultings COO Anthony Liberty was invited to speak at CARTES Asia, presenting to the audience opportunities in mobile payments and the related dangers and threats. His presentation covered buyer expectation, prospective markets, roadblocks to mass adoption, risks and safety standards. A separate workshop session covered the topic in far more detail, addressing the numerous dangers introduced by emerging payment systems while supplying a strategic and pragmatic method to building and enhancing an effective data security system. Safety breaches have a sturdy adverse effect on businesses–security have to not be a means to an finish to accomplish regulatory compliance, but an investment to make certain business continuity.


Many payment alternatives have been developed over the years to make payments more reliable and practical. Today, the most common ones are: money transactions, credit card transactions, card-not-present (CNP) transactions utilised in on the internet shopping, banking instruments like cheques, peer-to-peer transactions through online banking, and bill payments via bank accounts. As technologies has progressed, a number advances have enabled the possibility of payments via mobile phones and tablets, such as mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile payments and mobile wallets.


It makes sense–most buyers in the developed planet already have a smartphone that is often on and usually connected. As smartphones have become the center of digital activities, far more and a lot more attributes are enabled by apps, such as banking, train schedules, e-tickets and more. Allowing consumers to pay for the buy of items and solutions is a logical next step in an effort to lessen the quantity of items a consumer generally needs to carry.


Mobile payments are still in its early days. According to the Mastercard Mobile Payments Readiness Index, even in nations where it is adopted the most, the score for all round readiness for mobile payments nevertheless does not surpass 50 (a best score of one hundred represents complete replacement of plastic payment cards) the worldwide typical is 33.two. Even so, as mobile payment becomes a lot more prevalent, as it inevitably will, a entire slew of new vulnerabilities will be introduced into the payment processing chain. Furthermore, present mobile devices are consumer grade, producing them susceptible to malware and unencrypted card holder information can be compromised the threat is even higher for jailbroken or rooted smartphones and tablets.


Mobility also introduce additional vectors to standard fraud, such as RFID jamming, nishing, exploitation of information validation and malware. In addition, a lot of existing practices are ripe for exploitation. For instance, mobile banking supports effortless account creation dormant accounts can be employed for cash laundering. There are also privacy issues–with mobile payments, consumers are constantly tracked, enabling behavior profiles to be establish: quantity, timing , source and location locations of transaction the flip side is that the profiling also has the prospective to decrease the chance of fraudulent purchases.


Crucial players in this new planet of mobile income are merchants, banks and telcos. Merchants can use mobile payments to drive a more consumer-centric view, considering that manage points shift to the end-user with the mobile device. This also provides rise to 1-to-one marketing practices and the capacity to leverage intelligent information.


Banks can use mobile payments to defend and grow income by maintaining brand relevance and leveraging emerging organization models. It offers a protected way for companies to conduct transactions, secure assets, reduce fraud and make certain regulatory compliance. Banks can even provide safe digital vault solutions to aggregate coupons, transport, loyalty reward points and traditional currencies.


Telcos can use mobile payments to boost buyer retention and produce new revenue through value-added services.


Liberty talked in detail about the application flow for different types of payment options, such as on the internet buy by means of mobile devices, mobile banking, buy at retailers by means of NFC, buy at retailers via barcode, the purchase of soft or digital goods, and Telco-mediated payments. He broke down the different components and the partnership amongst them, as properly as highlight distinctive traits for every single of the payment alternatives.


Libertys speak described a globe exactly where mobile payments are inevitable, but safety issues are frequently overlooked. Correct approaches to information safety concerns will help wave the danger.


Common principles:&#13

Systems to guarantee that no card transactions is effected in a consumer account with no his or her information and authorization&#13
Alerts to Consumer for all card transactions made by his or her account, regardless of the size of transaction&#13
Protection of buyer funds to make certain customer trust in the payment method

Security measures for CNP transactions:&#13

2FA for all CNP transactions based on data not accessible on the card&#13
2FA extended to IVR and MOTO transactions

Safety measures for card-present transactions:&#13

Security of CNP transactions looked into the representative check, and 2FA if accessible.

Liberty also talked about how to safe technology infrastructure through following market-agreed very best practices, enhance fraud threat management, and spread buyer awareness and education. He emphasized the value of collaboration between governments, security specialists and business bodies. Concluding with notes on PCI DSS 3., the most recent revision of the market-wide common for payment processing, Liberty covered updates that make mobile payments far more safe.



About Nexusguard Consulting


Nexusguard Consulting is an Asian based Information Safety Specialist Firm, delivering solutions that safe vital information, defend identities and help buyers demonstrate ongoing compliance. Nexusguard Consulting is 100 % product and vendor neutral. Our Group expertise ranging from 15 years encounter with a deep market intelligence to offer person pragmatic solutions to our buyer to align info safety danger to organizational danger.&#13

Our Services integrated:&#13

Q&A: what is forensic audit.?

Question by gertious2000: what is forensic audit.?
within the business background

Very best answer:

Answer by Ruthie Child
it is an audit with the goal of discovering what (normally) went wrong. Generally to clarify and quantify the extent of malfeasance, and generally undertaken where there is a higher suspicion or fundamental proof of wrongdoing

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