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Avnet, Inc. Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2013 Results
While our book to bill ratio closed slightly above parity in all three regions, we continue to operate in a supply chain environment characterized by relatively short and stable lead times that encourages customers to take a conservative approach to …
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Latest Chain Of Title Audit News

NSB police: We may never know who took the evidence money
In October 2012, the Police Department hired Robert A. Brongel, a retired investigator with the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud, to conduct an external audit of “high risk” evidence exhibits: weapons, narcotics, jewelry and firearms. A summary of …
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TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads
So Wallace, not unreasonably, wants to know if it's possible that Wolin never told Tim Geither and that Geithner never passed it on up the chain. Fife says that the … He says that the IRS is going to go through a month-long audit, now. Wallace wants …
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Former IRS Chief Unsure How Targeting Happened
In his first public remarks since the story broke, Shulman said: "I agree this is an issue that when someone spotted it, they should have brought it up the chain. And they didn't. I don't know why." Asked by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, … George, the …
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Latest Chain Of Title Audit News

On section 1203
If I were Ms. Lerner, Mr. Miller (who relied heavily on 6103 in his testimony), or anyone in that chain, 1203 would be a huge concern. It is for every Service employee, which is why I and others were always very cautious about taking unapproved …
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Glenn Gruenhagen, Minnesota State Legislator, Blames UN For Climate Change
He also cited a 2010 InterAcademy Council audit of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a U.N.-formed organization, saying it showed problems with the science behind climate change. The audit report said that the IPCC has made mistakes with …
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Has You Mortgage Received A Securitization Audit?? – What IS This??

Has You Mortgage Received A Securitization Audit?? – What IS This?? This audit tracks and traces the line of ownership of you mortgage and should be done if …
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HBN ( 323-522-5635) provides service to property owners to protect their legal interests, defend against pretender note holders, and banking entit…

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Newark Foreclosures & Chains of Title / Red Lines @ Queens Museum of Art
Chain of Title Audit
Image by jann_on
Red Lines Housing Crisis Learning Center:
2009 exhibition by Damon Rich of the Center for Urban Pedagogy, hosted by the Queens Museum of Art
Larissa Harris, Commissioning curator; Project Coordinator for Queens Museum Installation: Rana Amirtahmasebi
Museum Director: Tom Finkelpearl

"The Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project collected the foreclosure information. . . . The Regional Plan Association, an independent planning group, then crunched the numbers using the Geographic Information System — a mapping program — to create maps of every inch of the city indicating where there had been foreclosures of single- to four-family homes in 2008."

"Red Lines Housing Crisis Learning Center is funded by grants from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Artists & Communities, a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, which is made possible by major funding from Johnson & Johnson, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. A publication funded by The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts will be available during the exhibition. Additional support provided by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts."……………… (in Italian)……

Queens Museum of Art:
Architect: Aymar Embury II
Opened: 1939
Renovated 1964 by Daniel Chait.
Renovated in 1994 by Rafael Viñoly.
Expansion scheduled in 2013, under the helm of Grimshaw Architects with Ammann & Whitney as engineers.

"Built to house the New York City Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair, where it housed displays about municipal agencies. . . . It is now the only surviving building from the 1939/40 Fair. After the World’s Fair, the building became a recreation center for the newly created Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The north side of the building, now the Queens Museum, housed a roller rink and the south side offered an ice rink. . . . From 1946 to 1950 . . . it housed the General Assembly of the newly formed United Nations. . . . In 1972 the north side of the New York City Building was handed to the Queens Museum of Art (or as it was then known, the Queens Center for Art and Culture)."

The other half of the building was an ice-skating rink from 1939–2009.…

Securitization Guru Justin Ford Partners with Discovery Expert Anthony Martinez and Becomes e-Logic Group’s COO for Advanced Securitization Audit Analysis Services

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) August 21, 2012

As companies continue to offer worthless securitization reports to consumers, e-Logic continues to grow as one of the most dominating and leading providers of an advanced securitization style analysis unmatched by any securitization audit provider. To enhance e-Logic’s position in the market, the company has announced its newest addition, Justin Ford, as its Chief Operating Officer. “Justin not only brings advanced research and knowledgebase to the team, he also brings a refreshing level of enthusiasm, focus and resolve to our entire vision,” says Anthony Martinez, e-Logic’s CEO.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to help enhance the service level e-Logic brings to its client base,” says Mr. Ford. e-Logic is one of the only service providers to create the kind of hybrid securitization analysis reports that attorneys can actually use.” As it stands, a number of companies in the market offer training in securitization research using tools like the Bloomberg Terminal. These “allegedly” trained companies in turn provide reports that while maybe informative, can rarely be used in court because neither the report nor the affidavit accompanying it can pass the required expert witness muster.

“The industry is saturated with bad and useless information. What e-Logic brings to the table is something very different. The Securitization, Discovery Strategies & Tactics Analysis Report(SDST Analysis Report) is exactly what it sounds like. It does more than just identify the securitization chain, it takes that information and incorporates it into a litigation analysis for the attorney reading the report and enables the attorney to understand not only the different methods to approach the case but the pitfalls they may run into,” says Mr. Ford.

This effort is lead by one of the leading complex litigation discovery experts in the litigation market today – Anthony Martinez, e-Logic’s Chief Executive Officer who brings over 16 years of real hands on experience. “Time is money. Attorneys don’t have time to waste on useless resources and they’re not happy to bill their clients for things they cannot use. It not only makes them look bad but it discourages someone in need of legal counsel to defend or prosecute a real property matter. Real property litigation is serious. These attorneys are going up against a trillion dollar machine with only a few thousand dollars. Some may call it stupid – we call it guts! You better believe every dollar needs to be well spent so it’s imperative we provide the sharpest sword – a cutting edge product that gets them to the table to play” says Mr. Martinez.

In today’s market people need to understand there’s much more needed to prevail than just Bloomberg certification and a terminal account. You have to have the prerequisites to qualified as an expert in the courtroom with a judge thats already prejudiced against the homeowner and counsel. According to Mr. Martinez, “You have to be fluent and prepared to justify how a $ 250,000 loan was aggregated into 1.2 billion for ABC Trust 2007-AE1, show how the aggregated amount was converted into a security bond/certificate and distributed over 35 classes (fractionalized). Then you better be prepared to show how of the 35 classes, YOUR subject loan was found in 18 of the classes (fractionalized) and of the 35 classes 28 have been paid off in full leaving 7 with an aggregated value of 1.7 million. You then need to explain how of the 18 YOUR loan was found in, 15 of those classes are part of the 28 paid in full and of the 3 classes where YOUR loan is still fractionalized, the aggregated amount is $ 275,000. That’s just a speck of the kind of valuable and useful information attorneys need in their analysis which gives good cause for an accounting, something attorneys have difficulty obtaining through a normal discovery request.”

About e-Logic Group, Inc. – e-Logic is one of the most advanced e-Discovery Providers in the industry today that uses state of the art technology that incorporates intelligent algorithms and analytics to automate information processing. e-Logic is now a provider of high end Advanced Securitization Audit and Forensic Audit Analysis Reports for attorneys engaged in loan level litigation involving fraud.

About Anthony Martinez- Mr. Martinez is a top Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist in the industry today with over 16 years of experience in complex litigation discovery and e-discovery matters. A veteran of the gulf war, Mr. Martinez is currently the President and CEO of e-Logic Group, Inc., Executive Director of Anthony Martinez & Associates, a leading LPO Service Provider and is the Author of Discovery Tactics, a leading Weblog that discusses real property litigation matters, case law and other topics.

About Justin Ford – Mr. Ford is a seasoned securitization specialist and former Principal of Automated Expeditors of America in Detroit, MI – a leading provider of advanced securitization research and audit reports. Mr. Ford has an extensive background in client relationship building, marketing and corporate branding.

Q&A: securitization audit?

Question by shann: securitization audit?
I’m looking for a company in Virginia who does securitization audits for foreclosures.
Also can you give me names(company) and numbers that can help

Best answer:

Answer by hyper-capitalist
There is no company that does securitization audits for foreclosures. There are auditors that comfirm compliance with the securitization documents and federal laws.

I am assuming that someone os trying to prove that the trust actually owns the Promissory Note in a foreclosure. Ask for the recorded assignments of loan documents and allonges to promissory note that details ownership of the loan from the originator to the trust. There will be several assignments.

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What is a securitization audit? Does it help with foreclosure?

Question by Curt Gallows: What is a securitization audit? Does it help with foreclosure?
OK, I received my notice of default and am scared all to heck about foreclosing on my home in Tampa, FL. I just heard about this thing called a securitization audit. Can anyone tell me what they are and if it will help with my foreclosure?

Best answer:

Answer by real estate guy
First, you need a lawyer. You can’t just walk away. YOU NEED A LAWYER.

I googled it. It’s when the bank will review the whole loan to make sure that you didn’t lie about getting the mortgage. For example, you didn’t lie about the income amount or source. You didn’t lie about source of downpayments., they will review tax returns, etc.

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