Rothstein Kass Releases FATCA Guide for Alternative Investment Fund Managers to Support Navigate Registration Method

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

In conjunction with the updated registration timeline below the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Rothstein Kass (, a top national expert services firm, right now announced the publication of the FATCA Guide for Option Investment Fund Managers. FATCA normally will require offshore investment funds and other foreign economic institutions to register with the IRS and to recognize and report information relating to their U.S. investors. The guide offers a summary of key points and due dates, as effectively as insights to aid fund managers navigate the FATCA compliance and registration method.


The interplay between the final FATCA regulations and intergovernmental agreements is complex and still unfolding. Its important for fund managers to educate themselves ahead of rushing to register, mentioned Dan Byrne, Tax Principal. Whilst the IRS FATCA registration portal will open soon, there are nonetheless some essential pieces of FATCA guidance which remain outstanding. We count on that the Cayman Islands intergovernmental agreement, which was just initialed earlier this week, will be released within the coming months and well in advance of the April 25, 2014 initial registration deadline. In the meantime, we hope this guide will be a helpful resource for managers as they prepare for the registration process, and aim to ensure their funds obtain FATCA compliance as properly and efficiently as possible.


Observation notes all through the guide give in-depth evaluation derived from Rothstein Kass sector-major knowledge and highlight ongoing processes that will impact adherence to FATCA specifications. These notes include details on pending intergovernmental agreements between foreign countries and the United States, which will allow tax details reported beneath the nearby governments of these nations to be automatically exchanged with the IRS.


Our aim is to present fund managers with all the background they require to make suitable choices for themselves and for their investors, said Byrne. The FATCA Guide and the guidance incorporated inside are worthwhile tools when generating these options.


A copy of the guide is obtainable by going to


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Founded in 1959, Rothstein Kass is a premier specialist solutions firm serving privately-held and publicly-traded companies, as properly as high-net-worth men and women and households. With far more than 1,000 professionals, the firm gives accounting, advisory, auditing and tax services, as effectively as a complete array of integrated services such as litigation and forensic consulting and concierge and tax accounting to clients across market spectrums and in all stages of improvement. Rothstein Kass is widely recognized as a leader in the economic services space, consistently ranking amongst the leading CPA firms serving the Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Broker Dealer and Family members Office segments.


Support how do I find out what bank owns this house?

Query by ridingis4life: Help how do I discover out what bank owns this house?
I am unable to find the bank that truly owns this home. I took this off of public records, and each particular person I have tried calling from the Grantor to the Grantee, has been a dead end. If any individual has info relating to how I can get in touch with the bank that owns this home I would greatly appreciate it.

Please note, I did call the record of Deeds workplace, and the lady on the telephone stated the bank that owned the house was not listed in the records (strange huh). Ieven tried the law firm listed below, and they stated they are not functioning on this case aganist the property, they are trying to get in touch with Ms. Werner for an additional property she stopped paying on.

Instrument: R2009027165 Old Doc Ref No: Book/Page:
Recorded: 3/9/2009 eight:34:47 AM Consideration: $ Pages: 1
Document Variety: Mortgage Assignments Comments:
Document Date: two/16/2009
Grantor: FCDB 8020 REO LLC


Legal Description: Lot/Unit: 8, PTLT, Sub: ARROWHEAD SOUTH TOWNHOMES U1, TwnNotes: D162 R97-72385 30-36-11
PrpId: 16-05-30-402-035-0000 (GIS) (Assessor)
AddrNo: 16106, Str1: GOLFVIEW DRIVE, City: LOCKPORT, State: IL, Zip: 60441
Cross Reference: Bkwd R 2007060046 (MTG)
Mar 18 2009 11:31AM

Greatest answer:

Answer by Ed Atun
This loan was sold as element of a securitization. It may possibly be owned by 10 banks. Every bank owns 1 “slice” of the loan.
Most of these loans can be tracked to a firm named MERS. They manage most of these securities. Wall Street Journal had an article about them final week (free of charge at the library).
There are two keys to finding the noteholder. One particular is that REO seems soon after Grantee. So it has been foreclosed. And the instrument mentioned in your facts is a Mortgage Assignment. You need to have to have the recorder hand you that document… the assignment. You would have to do this in individual. There is often a personal computer on the front desk for them to help customers at the Recorders Workplace.

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I am not even certain if this is the best spot to seek aid for my problem. I am trying to re-negotiate my rent (business) with the landlord and for lack of far better terms, he is getting an a**. Provided the state of the economy, we ask for a rent reduction and contemplating that we’ve been here fro 20 years and paying rent on-time each and every month, that is a quite very good indication that we are excellent tenants. He is not willing to budge at all. We do have a prime location but the searches that I did indicated that I am more than paying by $ five sq/ft. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by PrivateBanker
However you don’t have numerous options if you are attempting to renegotiate an current lease. You did not mention if the lease is assured by any particular person or persons – such a guarantee puts you in an even far more difficult position. Additionally, considering that you didn’t mention what type of organization you are in, the landlord could feel you won’t move because your location may possibly be crucial to your success (i.e. if your enterprise is a restaurant).
You might attempt providing to extend the lease, with decrease payments now and higher payments later. This could be eye-catching to your landlord. Maintain in thoughts, your landlord may possibly have financing (or an ownership structure – i.e. securitization) that prohibits lease renegotiation.
If you do not have a individual lease guarantee the owner can nonetheless go after your enterprise for default. Consider what it would expense you to move your enterprise – not just moving expenses, new tenant finish fees (he would have them too), but also letterhead, advertising, and so forth. I don’t know how many square feet you are in, but these fees might “outweigh” the $ five psf rent differential. Also, I never know what percentage of your rent $ 5 represents so it really is hard to calculate just how far off the market place you are.
Sorry I can not give you greater news.

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