UBIC participating in the 36th Conference of the Association for the annual International Legal Technologies

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2013

UBIC, Inc. (TSE: 2158, NASDAQ: UBIC), a provider of strategic assistance to international litigation and forensic options, will be a sponsor of this year Annual International Legal Technologies Association conference in Las Vegas on August 18th – 22nd. UBIC give a practical demonstration of the most recent technology and sophisticated predictive coding (CJK TAR), already utilised by its clients for genuine estate projects / live. UBIC aims to demonstrate the advantages of its integrated technologies platform exclusive bed i see, its functionality with sophisticated predictive coding. BED i see 6.6 improves accuracy, offers a shorter time and reduces legal expenses although becoming really effective in international litigation


integral component of our all round strategic vision as quoted on the NASDAQ is to continue our international reputation as a leader in predictive coding of Asian languages ​​in the legal arena in the planet, mentioned Masahiro Morimoto, Founder, CEO and President of UBIC. We continue to be a pioneer in the draft cross-border litigation, permitting law firms and organizations to overcome cultural and language barriers in a context of continual pressure to minimize the fees of litigation.

As e-discovery evolves thru acquisitions market or the integration of a number of suppliers, these with delivers and complete technological services will survive and emerge as leaders. UBIC offers an innovative combination of software EDRM complete spectrum as properly as forensic services worldwide, stated Mr. Naritomo Ikeue, President and Chief Operating Officer, UBIC North America, Inc. The most recent version of our computer software eDiscovery, bed i see six.six, which includes the owner, within developed advanced technologies predictive coding (CJK TAR) is particularly optimized to meet the challenging-Asian languages ​​in addition to English, which is the major priority for all other providers.

We appear forward to seeing you at the international reception co-sponsored by UBIC or go to CJK TAR at our booth (# 527 with some refreshments, sake and Japanese beer) throughout the 4-day conference of education international litigation assistance next week.

About ILTA

For over 3 decades, ILTA (International Legal Technology Association) has supplied peer-networking sources and details to these who help technology in law firms and legal departments worldwide. A increasing membership base, bigger and much better annual conferences, a lot more meetings, webinars and other networking possibilities with peers, a greater quantity of white books and studies and a lot more volunteer writers are just one particular of the causes ILTA is so successful. For much more information about ILTA, go to http://www.iltanet.org/.

About UBIC

UBIC, Inc. (TSE: 2158, NASDAQ: UBIC) is a leader in solutions and solutions e-discovery provider Asian languages. UBIC has substantial experience in forensic and e-discovery and experience with data documented in the Japanese language, Korean, Chinese and English, and applies its experience in cross-border disputes, administrative procedures and internal investigations, such as these related to antitrust investigations, intellectual house (IP) litigation, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations and item liability (PL). UBIC serves customers from offices in Japan, the U.S., South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

UBICs technologies platform owner, i lit view, version six.six, is an innovative e-discovery remedy that precisely manages the Asian language characters, encoding schemes and native file systems. UBIC also lately launched its versatile and customizable cloud service law to solve the dilemma of rising fees connected with the development and dispersion of data volumes across the world, with lengthy investigations and litigation.

, flexible solutions customized end-to-end services covering the whole reference model of electronic discovery (EDRM) life cycle of corporate litigation technique and crisis management, UBIC helped consumers in more than 310 administrative and legal proceedings in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation and much more than 800 surveys in Japan, South Korea , China, Taiwan and Singapore in certain. Assisted by very experienced litigation attorneys, UBIC gives a range of services that facilitate the discovery, patent management, safety, internal audit and regulatory compliance that can give considerable price savings to its clients.

For far more info about UBIC, make contact with info (at) ubicna (dot) com or go to http://www.ubicna.com

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International UHY strengthens presence in Eurasia firm in Georgia joined the network

Farmington Hills, June 21, 2013 MI (PRWEB)

UHY LLP welcomes a new member in Georgia, ARG Group LLC, the international accountancy network UHY, whose firm is a member given that 2001.

ARG Group LLC was founded in 2008 and became a single of Georgias main auditing firms and consulting firms. With a team of 62 employees, such as 5 partners, the corporate headquarters is based in Tbilisi. The firm delivers a complete variety of services which includes commercial legal services and IT consulting to a portfolio of consumers in a assortment of sectors such as building, manufacturing, trade / business, solutions and finance.

Groups ARG managing partner, said Akaki Zhamutashvili: We joined the UHY network for a quantity of causes. Our affiliate companies to UHY network underpins our commitment to supplying quality services to our clients. Getting a member of UHY strengthen our neighborhood capabilities, which give you access to our existing and prospective clients to the major audit, accounting and business advisors worldwide. “

Richard G. David, Chief Operating Officer of UHY Advisors, Inc. and director of UHY International, mentioned: We are delighted ARG Group LLC joined the UHY network extending our coverage and capacity in the Eurasia area, specifically with Georgias location strategic partnership in between Europe and Asia and its development as a transit point for gas, oil and other commodities role. ARG Group SARL admission UHY network will give sturdy regional market place and industry experience, strengthening our capabilities in this region. We firmly think that the firm is a great option for our network.

languages ​​are spoken in Georgian, English, Russian and Turkish.

About UHY LLP, the member


UHY LLP, a licensed CPA firm delivering audit and certification of other public and private solutions. UHY Advisors supplies tax advisory solutions and a range of sectors. UHY Advisors FLVS provides legal, valuation, intellectual home, electronic discovery and international arbitration law firms and their customers. Numerous of these services enhanced organization needs of clients and their requests for assistance in a variety of areas of experience.

UHY LLP, operating in an alternative practice structure with UHY Advisors, is one particular of the largest specialist services firms in the U.S. Whilst the scale may give self-confidence to some customers, other individuals say we are our most worthwhile is the way we bring these resources to bear to support solve today’s challenges of the changing enterprise. It is a philosophy we call the next level of service. For a lot more info, check out uhy-us.com.

All the above entities are members of UHY International, a worldwide network of independent specialist services firms providing audit, tax and consulting services worldwide. UHY International member companies incorporate one of the very best international accounting networks in the globe. As a member firm, we give our clientele with sources in organization centers strategically positioned about the planet. We are an active member of this organization with a considerable interest that brings the power of an international network to support our customers.

UHY LLP is a licensed independent CPA firm that performs attest solutions in an option practice structure with UHY Advisors, Inc. and its subsidiaries. UHY Advisors, Inc. provides tax advisory services and enterprise through wholly-owned subsidiaries that operate beneath the name of UHY Advisors. UHY Advisors, Inc. and its affiliates are not licensed CPA firms. UHY LLP and UHY Advisors, Inc. are U.S. members of Urbach Hacker Young International Limited, a UK organization, and forms element of the international UHY network of accounting firms and independent legal type. UHY is the brand name for the UHY international network. All solutions described herein are offered by UHY LLP and / or UHY Advisors (if applicable) and not by UHY or any other member firm of UHY. Neither UHY nor any member of UHY has any liability for services offered by other members.

About UHY

the network

Founded in 1986 and based in London, UK, UHY is a network of audit firms, accounting, taxation and independent suggestions with offices in a lot more than 270 organization centers in 86 countries. Over 7,one hundred employees generated total income of $ 622 million in 2012, ranking UHY network largest international accounting and consulting 25th. Each and every member of UHY is a legally separate and independent firm. Every member of UHY is a legally separate and independent firm. For much more data on UHY please go to http://www.uhy.com.

UHY is a full member of the Forum of Firms, an association of international networks of accounting firms. For far more information on the Forum of Firms, check out http://www.forumoffirms.org.

UHY press speak to
Maeremans by Dominique +44 20 2621 7767 or d.maeremans (at) uhy (dot) com

liaison office contacts ARG Group LLC
Akaki Zhamutashvili by +995 32 236-3007 or 995 595 53-03-06 or Akaki (at) arggroup (dot) ge
Ivane Shpetishvili by 995 or 599 15-20-38 shpetishviliv (at) arggroup (dot) ge

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the Influence of american economy on the international economy.?

Question by classic47: the Effect of american economy on the global economy.?
i want americas’ situation in these international economic issues also suggestions for options please

Greatest answer:

Answer by I , a content Bolshevik
The Paulson Program attacks as the primary problem illiquidity although the accurate core problem is insolvency. Securitization dispersed globally the risks and created bankruptcy dangers opaque, destroying thus any creditworthiness and freezing the credit lines. Lending by banks was over-extended, occasionally 60 instances far more than their assets, generating them now candidates to file for bankruptcy. The Paulson Strategy gives some short-term relief to the Wall Street magnates whilst the taxpayer ‘Main Street’ has to spend the bill. It transfers one more part of the large private debt to the public debt of an currently over-indebted America.

While, with the growth of US deficits, the require for foreign investors for financing it grows, US creditworthiness is rapidly deteriorating. The ratio of total US debt to GDP from 163 % in 1980 became 240% in 1990 and jumped to 346% in 2007.It is enormously aggravated with the dramatic developments of 2007-2008, like the addition to the public debt of $ 6 trillion liabilities of Fannie and Freddie and the $ 700 billion of the Paulson Plan. America has been transformed into a super-Argentina in a non-declared default. The issue of US more than-indebtedness is transferred to the next Administration.

The interest rates cut by the Fed, twice in October 2008, to the lowest level reached after 9/11(and comparable moves that followed by the ECB, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and other central banks in Asia) could have a extremely ephemeral impact in the volatile stock markets but are entirely unable to reverse the contraction of world economy. As numerous analysts pointed out, these cuts are just a sign of desperation

Know better? Leave your personal answer in the comments!

Q&A: International economic crisis?

Query by Boots B: Worldwide financial crisis?
I have a reseach about the causes of the global financial crisis so i want assist locating trustworthy websites that can give me the info? Can any1 assist offer some hyperlinks?
Thank u!!
BTW im in 10th grade!!

Ideal answer:

Answer by Randolf
youtube! study the comments there.. There’s a lot acting so known as genius there.

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what are the causes of the international economic crisis in 2009?

Query by Stardust Ash: what are the causes of the international financial crisis in 2009?
elements that led to the 2009 international economic crisis.


Best answer:

Answer by Simone
The list of causes of the crisis is fairly lengthy because there have been systemic failures and contributing aspects but the primary causes could be summarized with:

*A housing bubble – that eventually burst
*Poor underwriting/sub-prime lending at financial institutions
*Securitization of mortgages/creation of atypical investment autos
*Aggressive threat management
*Poor contingency arranging

I think what produced the crisis shift from the US to the rest of the globe is that truth that we reside in a very connected, international economy. So, a crisis that originates in one nation has the possible to debilitate another – producing a ripple effect.

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is anyone good with international relations?

Question by Amanda: is anyone good with international relations?
15. How are international organizations changing the practice of international politics? Do they represent a fundamental force, or simply a minor detail?
16. How are transnational advocacy networks changing the practice of international politics? Do they represent a fundamental force, or simply a minor detail?
17. What are the major approaches to international ethics? [What are the main problems with applying each approach in practice?]
18. Will environmental problems lead to greater cooperation or increased conflict in the international system; or will they have little effect? [why?]
19. What are the links between international environmental problems and economic development?
20. How is “security” being redefined in the contemporary world?
21. How does globalization facilitate transnational crime?
22. What is a “collective action” problem, and how does that concept help us understand international
politics? [Discuss an important collective action problem in international politics as well as the possible solutions.]

Best answer:

Answer by George D
This test is gonna suck tmrw, but 17 is impossible im pretty sure, if u figured it out or 22 post it as a comment on here if you could

15. How are international organizations changing the practice of international politics? Do they represent a fundamental force, or simply a minor detail?

•IO’s Changing
oStarted Effects of a Cause (need ppl to contain problems)
oMoving toward a Cause → Effect (acting, making agendas)
oThousands of IO’s
•Link governmental decisions
•Norms being established
•Affairs are being regulated without an “all-powerful” international government
•Fundamental Force
oTruly Effective when states work together
•Can apply military force
•Can make agendas on what to try and fix
•Decides members of the int’l community
•Democratization of Europe
•Brings power to Europe
•Pooled Sovereignty

16.How are transnational advocacy networks changing the practice of international politics? Do they represent a fundamental force, or simply a minor detail?

•TAN’s Changing
oLobbying governments in favor of policies
•Human Rights Watch
•Compel gov’s with stats and publication
oHelp IO’s by setting int’l agendas before issues arise
•Give IO’s easy way to deal with problems
oProvide services
•Delivery of aid
•Red Cross
•Minor Detail
oAlthough they help to do these things, they can be done by larger IO’s if required
oDoes give voice to those in need
oHelps to lighten the load for IO’s so they can focus on more important problems at hand.

17. What are the major approaches to international ethics? [What are the main problems with applying each approach in practice?]

18. Will environmental problems lead to greater cooperation or increased conflict in the international system; or will they have little effect? [why?]

oStart out as attempted cooperation
oFinger pointing is inevitable
oGet defensive and feel targeted
oStates take sides over restrictions
•Kyoto Protocol
•Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
•U.S. refused to sign b/c of fossil fuel usage

19. What are the links between international environmental problems and economic development?

•To Fix Environmental Problems, you have to cut back on things that are more efficient, or spend unnecessary money to do things a different “greener” way
•Tragedy of the commons
oShared resources over consumed, but every state needs them to sustain economic growth/stability
•Oil shortages are due to the fact that we have produced more than we can support
•Too many cars for amnt of oil
•Export Led Growth
oProduces high quantity of scrap or waste
oRecycling is expensive
oHow are countries supposed to make money if they have to spend money to keep it clean?

20.How is “security” being redefined in the contemporary world?

•Discussion of what constitutes a security threat
•When something is defined as a security issue, it is implicitly given higher priority
•Terrorism now included as a threat to security
•Securitization: the process in which an issue that didn’t used to be thought of as a security issue is now a security issue
oChanges the scope of possible responses
oExample: U.S. military spending lots of time and money to combat disease in Africa→sees this as a preventative measure to societal breakdown

21. How does globalization facilitate transnational crime?

•Borders provide safe havens for criminals; different jurisdictions within different borders
•Globalization helps money laundering→fast movement of money throughout banks around the world
•Globalization is good for smuggling →easier to hide contraband when so many things are moving around the world

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