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Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the “trap criminal loan modification” and the elimination mortgage scam is now warning the public of this latest scam .

When the mortgage crisis hit American home owners full force, organizations offering “foreclosure rescue” companies and “loan modification” grow like weeds. Most distressed property owners promised swift options for higher costs, and failed to provide right after collecting their funds, leaving poor households and closest of homelessness.

The new flood of audit firms lending is fueled by the spread of loan modification organizations in an attempt to side step the upfront fees that the states have banned these organizations charge. They are the “wolf in sheep’s clothes.”

ProverbialLes Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a project of Lex Consulting, LLC For more than 30 years, Lex Consulting supplied legal support to attorneys, helping them to enter new areas of practice, or supplying specialized advice for complicated circumstances requiring new approaches to law. Due to the current housing crisis, Mortgage Fraud Examiners, a group of specially trained lawyers, was created to provide borrowers and the legal neighborhood with comprehensive assistance to support them hold their properties

Mortgage Fraud Examiners CEO Storm Bradford explains. ” Although forensic examinations of mortgage transactions can be of substantial value to the homeowner, however, most of the firms that offer these so-called “audit ready” are far from being qualified to do so They are made and sold. by individuals with no legal training, such as, former true estate agents, mortgage brokers, or loan processors, who input information into some software. The “audit” is a list of unnecessary manage . documents provided to the “auditor” with out info about the legal implications of this document is that old adage about the application: “Garbage in, garbage-out We do our forensic examinations particularly for lawyers and their. customers. competent lawyers will spot a scam “audit” much faster than the layman. We should supply solutions that withstand the scrutiny and requirements of a certified legal eye. You have to have a distinct and exclusive legal knowledge to a forensic examination of a mortgage transaction. software audit of ten minutes is not a substitute for 3 years of law school, we are legal professionals hunting for factors that the software is not, in addition, we know what to appear for! “

” A true forensic examination inspects assessment, mortgage owners and supporting documents, in the context of relationships surrounding the creation of these documents, the legal experts to be able to uncover legal defenses a homeowner can use to stay away from foreclosure.

Jonathon Moseley, an attorney specializing in foreclosures, employs the solutions of Mortgage Fraud Examiners explains, “Mortgage Fraud Examiners helps me determine the defenses of contracts, torts, regulatory violations and other kinds of legal anomalies The value of a thorough examination of the mortgage transaction. is that the examination is carried out correct – with legal precision and depth However, inexpensive imitators must be avoided A simplistic forensic audit software program by men and women with no legal instruction to defeat the quite goal: the careful analysis of the complete transaction to be incorporated .. analysis of the evaluation is to prepare a legal defense. The initial step in any contract dispute is whether or not the contract is legally valid. Also many lawyers in no way verify if the mortgage is even legally enforceable prior to rushing to deal with a foreclosure. Spending funds on one of these so-named forensic audits is completely wasted simply because you have to feel a lawyer to uncover fault with a mortgage transaction.

How to spot a consumer loan auditor legitimate inexperienced? “Ask the proper inquiries,” advises Bradford. “Ask them how they conduct the audit is the application, or if there are specially trained lawyers commit genuine time evaluation of quality documents for the defenses of contract? If they are not to perform a forensic evaluation need to be a clue. We discover fraud assessment in 4 out of 5 mortgage transactions we examine. Beware if you are told anything vague like, “prosecutor argued, “or” they are certified loan auditors. Either lawyers conduct exams or not, and there is no education or certification process to turn into Joe the Auditor. A person could have been a researcher of a ditch last week and undertaking “audits” this week. Be careful with a one hundred% assure. Guarantees usually often loopholes owners must be careful You even have attorneys carrying out loan modifications rather than that they are paid to do – … searching for contract defenses “

” There are a lot of legal alternatives accessible to home owners facing foreclosure, “says Bradford. “But there are no shortcuts to discover them. Every single application must exclusive facts, every claim has distinct applicable law, and only a legal expert will locate the answers to aid each borrower remain in their house.”

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