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Today all business, except few, is processed through electronically and their all information are stored and processed digitally. Their information is transmitted through internet. Every activity of business is depending on the proper usage of the Information technology. As all business is based on information technology, security is must for everyone today.

Security audits are usually used for the business information security in any organization. The auditing approach must be designed to cover all the aspects of security including people, processes and technology. Audits play an essential role in maintains the appropriate levels of security in your organization, but different types of audits are required for different situations. The auditor must have adequate knowledge about the company and the structure of the organization.

If security audit is implemented correctly, it reveals the weak points of the organization, its employees, and other areas. While auditing the auditor should investigate what security controls are in place and how they work? An information security audit is one of the best ways to decide the security of an organization’s information without sustain the cost and other associated damages of a security incident. Security audits evaluate an information system’s performance against a list of criteria.

Security audit involves everyone who uses any computer resources throughout the organization. Security audits provide tools to examine how secure a site really is. Computer security auditors perform their work though personal interview, examination of operating system settings, analysis of network shares, and historical data. They are concerned mainly with how securities are actually used. There are a number of key questions that security audits should ready to answer.

How difficult it is to crack the password?
Are the audit logs to record that accesses data?
How is your backup media stored? Who has access to the backup stored? Is it up-to-date?

These are just a few of the kind of questions that should be review in a security audit.

According to the president of the Internet Security Advisors Group, Ira Winkler; security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing are the three main types of security diagnostics. Each of the three groups takes a different approach and may be best suited for a particular objective and purpose. Security audits measure an information system’s performance against a list of criteria. A vulnerability assessment, involves a comprehensive study of an entire information system, seeking potential security weaknesses. Penetration testing is a covert operation, in which a security expert tries a number of attacks to ascertain whether or not a system could resist the same types of attacks from a wicked hacker.

When it comes to protecting your business and a security audit is important to ensure that it establishes a good strategy and business plan. The security of your business issues affects your customer relations. Many people would be discouraged from addressing a business that is not safe. They may feel that business or other personal information that may be affected you. Your business should be safe and secure from risks then only your business can gain people’s trust. Every business should use security audits in the present scenario. The security audits are used to measure security policy compliance and recommend solutions to deficiencies in compliance.

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Pass Burden of Conducting Financial Audits to Financial Auditing Service Vendors

An audit is the procedure of gathering and assessing the facts by a capable independent individual with reference to quantifiable data of a particular financial establishment in order to verify and report upon the variations found between the information prepared and the recognized standards, if any. The application of this notion to the financial statements of the organization is referred to as financial auditing. GAAS stands for ‘Generally Accepted Auditing Standards’ and gives explanation of a list of formal and informal rules recognized as the basis for auditors to provide financial auditing services and getting their performance reviewed. These are comprised of laws, proclamations from professional or regulatory institutions, lawful verdicts in cases relating to auditors. Every country sets these principles for itself.

The report prepared by the auditors, popularly known as audit report, comprises of their views regarding statements, the outcome of their concern on internal controls and conclusions on the assessment of the information in relation to compliance with the established criteria. They are required to be devised as per the General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).So, an auditor tests that whether the on the whole, the financial statements are presented according to the set GAAP. Auditors, also comprehend the efficiency existing internal controls in the entity and suggest measures, if required, for the improving the effectiveness of these internal controls. The auditors will carry out an analysis to establish conformity of financial statements with the rules and regulations .In addition, the auditors will discuss with the management on the subjects of the ways of preparation of accounting information and evaluate this information for reliability through management’s reactions in the discussions, statements which have been audited, and other facts obtained during the inspection of the financial statements.

For the owner of a business in UK, it is complicated and a lengthy process to get financial audit done through its own staff. It would also prove to be an expensive process as well as the owner would still be worried as employees of the business may not be specialized in this area. Thus, in today’s corporate scenario, most of the businesses engage the firms which are expert in rendering financial audit which include financial auditing services and wish good bye to the auditing troubles.

Author of this article is an internal auditor of a well-known entity and offers quality best financial auditing to that entity.

Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scam past – Legal Loan Audits

Mortgage Fraud Examiners, the investigative firm who warned the public about loan modification scams, the “trap criminal loan modification” and the elimination mortgage scam is now warning the public of this latest scam .

When the mortgage crisis hit American home owners full force, organizations offering “foreclosure rescue” companies and “loan modification” grow like weeds. Most distressed property owners promised swift options for higher costs, and failed to provide right after collecting their funds, leaving poor households and closest of homelessness.

The new flood of audit firms lending is fueled by the spread of loan modification organizations in an attempt to side step the upfront fees that the states have banned these organizations charge. They are the “wolf in sheep’s clothes.”

ProverbialLes Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a project of Lex Consulting, LLC For more than 30 years, Lex Consulting supplied legal support to attorneys, helping them to enter new areas of practice, or supplying specialized advice for complicated circumstances requiring new approaches to law. Due to the current housing crisis, Mortgage Fraud Examiners, a group of specially trained lawyers, was created to provide borrowers and the legal neighborhood with comprehensive assistance to support them hold their properties

Mortgage Fraud Examiners CEO Storm Bradford explains. ” Although forensic examinations of mortgage transactions can be of substantial value to the homeowner, however, most of the firms that offer these so-called “audit ready” are far from being qualified to do so They are made and sold. by individuals with no legal training, such as, former true estate agents, mortgage brokers, or loan processors, who input information into some software. The “audit” is a list of unnecessary manage . documents provided to the “auditor” with out info about the legal implications of this document is that old adage about the application: “Garbage in, garbage-out We do our forensic examinations particularly for lawyers and their. customers. competent lawyers will spot a scam “audit” much faster than the layman. We should supply solutions that withstand the scrutiny and requirements of a certified legal eye. You have to have a distinct and exclusive legal knowledge to a forensic examination of a mortgage transaction. software audit of ten minutes is not a substitute for 3 years of law school, we are legal professionals hunting for factors that the software is not, in addition, we know what to appear for! “

” A true forensic examination inspects assessment, mortgage owners and supporting documents, in the context of relationships surrounding the creation of these documents, the legal experts to be able to uncover legal defenses a homeowner can use to stay away from foreclosure.

Jonathon Moseley, an attorney specializing in foreclosures, employs the solutions of Mortgage Fraud Examiners explains, “Mortgage Fraud Examiners helps me determine the defenses of contracts, torts, regulatory violations and other kinds of legal anomalies The value of a thorough examination of the mortgage transaction. is that the examination is carried out correct – with legal precision and depth However, inexpensive imitators must be avoided A simplistic forensic audit software program by men and women with no legal instruction to defeat the quite goal: the careful analysis of the complete transaction to be incorporated .. analysis of the evaluation is to prepare a legal defense. The initial step in any contract dispute is whether or not the contract is legally valid. Also many lawyers in no way verify if the mortgage is even legally enforceable prior to rushing to deal with a foreclosure. Spending funds on one of these so-named forensic audits is completely wasted simply because you have to feel a lawyer to uncover fault with a mortgage transaction.

How to spot a consumer loan auditor legitimate inexperienced? “Ask the proper inquiries,” advises Bradford. “Ask them how they conduct the audit is the application, or if there are specially trained lawyers commit genuine time evaluation of quality documents for the defenses of contract? If they are not to perform a forensic evaluation need to be a clue. We discover fraud assessment in 4 out of 5 mortgage transactions we examine. Beware if you are told anything vague like, “prosecutor argued, “or” they are certified loan auditors. Either lawyers conduct exams or not, and there is no education or certification process to turn into Joe the Auditor. A person could have been a researcher of a ditch last week and undertaking “audits” this week. Be careful with a one hundred% assure. Guarantees usually often loopholes owners must be careful You even have attorneys carrying out loan modifications rather than that they are paid to do – … searching for contract defenses “

” There are a lot of legal alternatives accessible to home owners facing foreclosure, “says Bradford. “But there are no shortcuts to discover them. Every single application must exclusive facts, every claim has distinct applicable law, and only a legal expert will locate the answers to aid each borrower remain in their house.”

Speak to: Mortgage Fraud Examiners
Telephone: 800-540-Examination (3926)

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When the mortgage crisis hit American property owners complete-force, businesses offering “foreclosure rescue” and “loan modification” companies sprouted like weeds. Most promised troubled homeowners quick fixes for higher costs, and failed to deliver after collecting their cash, leaving households poorer and closer to homelessness.

The new flood of loan audit companies is fueled by the spread of loan modification companies in an try to side step the upfront fees that the states have prohibited these firms from charging. They’re the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Mortgage Fraud Examiners is a project of Lex Consulting, LLC For over 30 years, Lex Consulting has supplied litigation help to attorneys, helping them break into new locations of practice, or delivering specialized advice for complex cases requiring novel approaches to the law. Due to the current housing crisis, Mortgage Fraud Examiners, a group of specially educated attorneys, was created to offer borrowers and the legal community with comprehensive help to help them preserve them in their houses.

Mortgage Fraud Examiners CEO Storm Bradford explains: “Despite the fact that forensic examinations of mortgage transactions can be of substantial value to a homeowner, regrettably, most firms supplying these so-called ‘loan audits’ are nowhere close to qualified to do so. They are performed and sold by persons with no legal education, such as, former actual estate agents, mortgage brokers, or loan processors, who input information into some software system. The “audit” is a useless checklist of the documents provided to the “auditor,” with no data about the legal implications of the documents. It is that old adage on pc software program: ‘Garbage-in, garbage-out.’ We do our forensic examinations mainly for attorneys and their consumers. Knowledgeable attorneys are going to spot a scam ‘audit’ a lot quicker than a layperson. We have to give solutions that withstand the scrutiny and demands of a educated legal eye. You want a certain and unique legal understanding to do a forensic examination of a mortgage transaction a ten-minute software audit is no substitute for 3 years of law school. We’re legal specialists looking for things that application cannot locate, in addition to, we know what to look for!”

“A correct forensic examination inspects the homeowners’ appraisal, mortgage and supporting documents, in the context of the dealings surrounding the creation of those documents, so legal authorities can find out legal defenses a homeowner can use to stay away from foreclosure.

Jonathon Moseley, an lawyer specializing in foreclosures, employs the solutions of Mortgage Fraud Examiners explains, “Mortgage Fraud Examiners aids me identify contract defenses, torts, regulatory violations and other kinds of legal anomalies.  The value of a thorough examination of the mortgage transaction is that the examination is done appropriate — with legal accuracy and depth.  Sadly, cheap imitators should be avoided.  A simplistic, computer software-based forensic audit by individuals with no legal instruction defeats the entire purpose:  Cautious evaluation of the entire transaction, to incorporate an evaluation of the appraisal is necessary to prepare a legal defense.  The initial step in any contract dispute is to see if the contract is legally valid.  Too many lawyers in no way verify whether or not the mortgage is even legally enforceable just before rushing in to tackle a foreclosure.  Spending money on a single of these so-called forensic audits is completely wasted because it requires a considering legal expert to discover defects in a mortgage transaction.”

How does a customer spot a genuine loan auditor from an untrained 1? “Ask the right concerns,” Bradford advises. “Ask how they do they conduct the audit- is it software program, or are there particularly trained attorneys spending real time examining the documents looking for contract defenses? If they’re not performing a forensic appraisal that must be a clue. We uncover appraisal fraud in 4 out of every single 5-mortgage transactions we examine. Be wary if they inform you anything vague like, ‘Attorney backed,’ or they are ‘certified loan auditors.’ Either legal specialists are performing the examinations, or not, and there is no schooling or certification method to becoming Joe the Auditor. Somebody could have been a ditch digger last week and doing ‘audits’ this week. Be cautious with a one hundred% guarantee. Guarantees normally usually have loopholes. Home owners need to have to be cautious. You even have attorneys undertaking loan modifications rather of doing what they are paid to do–that is seeking for contract defenses.”

“There actually are a lot of legal possibilities obtainable to home owners facing foreclosure,” Bradford concludes. “But there are no shortcuts to discovering them. Every single claim has exclusive facts, each and every claim has distinct applicable law, and only a legal specialist is going to uncover the answers to support each person borrower keep in their residence.”


Speak to: Mortgage Fraud Examiners
Telephone: 800-540-EXAM (3926)


President &amp CEO Mortgage Fraud Examiners

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How can you avoid foreclosure with audits securitization

Nobody wants to lose the house that not only stores all the goods, but all the memories. In many cases, this home is the place where they saw their children grow up, so it has become more than a house – it’s a house. Nothing is more heartbreaking than being in the position of having led by banks, because you are unable to continue to pay your debts.

Once taken, it is unlikely that you will ever get, so in order to avoid something like this to happen, Securitization audits are the way to go. An audit of securitization defends your property and he discovers his securitization. Through securitization audit, you can know whether or not there were signatures of fraudulent documents or if there are irregularities in the loan.

Using a securitization audit, you have increased the chances of winning your case. The verification process shows the status of the trustee and the holders of certificates, more precisely, if they still have the rights to continue with the closure. Audits securitization has changed a lot in recent years, more and more accessible not only to professionals but also for the average homeowner. In the past, these types of loans were supported by correspondent lenders, but now all the information regarding the participants and parties involved in the loan is included in an audit report.

An audit report securitization offers a big help, whether you need to modify your loan reports or use in the courts.

However, the use of the courts, with the exception of the documentation, you also need an affidavit. The report includes a detailed analysis regarding the privilege profile, a report on the complete profile of the property, information on the assessment of the tax, the complete data of mortgage transactions and cases extends to just to name a few services provided by securitization audits.

While taking care of an audit of securitization is not rocket science, professional who offer advice is recommended. It is always useful to not be alone when it comes to verification of important documents, such as signatures and certificates. In addition, the report contains a summary indicating the losses the lender or bank will have to face if they want to continue the process of foreclosure.

Do not let the banks take away from you your most valuable asset. Remember that even banks can make you give up the fight, leaving you believe you have lost everything, when in fact, you can always put up a fight and possibly win your case by audits securitization!

If you want to know more about check securitization do not hesitate to visit Audits securitization .

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e-Logic Group CEO Anthony Martinez Conducts Strategy Sessions To Discuss Seminars On Advanced Securitization Audits, Forensic Audits, Quiet Title, Mortgage Fraud

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 13, 2012

As real estate scammers continue to hold bogus seminars using hot industry catch phrases like Quiet Title and Mortgage Fraud, a greater need has presented itself for real, crucial and critical information on these very real topics. “I may think I know everything there is to know about advanced securitization, quiet title and mortgage fraud options or arguments but that may not coincide with what attorneys and investors really need,” says Anthony Martinez, e-Logic Group’s Chief Executive Officer whose company now offers Advanced Securitization Audits, Forensic Audits and Litigation Strategy Analysis and is very well known in the legal community as one of the most reliable go to resources. “Attendees of seminars are your clients and like all relationships it’s important to discuss your clients needs, understand them and come up with a plan that works for them. That’s why I’ve decided to conduct strategy sessions with attorneys and investors on the topics of my Discovery Tactic’s Seminars before I actually begin offering them.”

Discovery Tactic Seminars are designed to be cutting edge. They offer attendees factual and critical real life working information that’s not theory based on someone’s inexperienced interpretation. Discovery Tactics is a Weblog authored by Mr. Martinez, a Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist. His consulting company Anthony Martinez & Associates/AMA Global Group (“AMA”) is the most advanced Legal Process Outsourcing (“LPO”) company (and probably the only LPO Service Provider) that specializes in real property defense and offensive litigation that offers true back-end office support services to attorneys. AMA does advanced legal research, drafts advanced pleadings and trains attorneys in specific litigation tactics and strategies relative to real property litigation.

“I’ve seen these quiet title seminars and the information they offer first hand. Their quiet title approach is based on the hope of a default. So what happens when the opposition fights back, claims your action is frivolous and moves for attorney fees?