Alabama State University lawsuit against forensic auditor A report was

lawsuit against Alabama State University forensic auditor A report was He alluded to a attainable discrimination by the forensic auditor, noting that the firm has not produced any concern of payments of the school to the Attorney General Luther Strange – then a prominent Republican lobbyist – consulting function prior to his election … discover a lot more about (weblog)

initial rental applications statutory audit Initial Leasing Company of India has asked the former CBI director RK Raghavan to conduct a forensic audit of its economic operations to establish no matter whether there was a misuse of funds. The improvement comes in the wake of media reports that Farouk … Read much more about
FMC orders statutory audit MET The Commission futures (CME) on Monday informed the Bombay High Court that he would soon get forensic audit of the E Series of National Spot Exchange Ltd (TEM). The court heard the motions filed on the e-series TEM. Read more about

Q&A: Looking for cases in Washington State…?

Question by commandrix: Looking for cases in Washington State…?
I am looking for any cases in Washington State that have to do with tracking ownership of notes through the securitization process, and what effects the sale of said note may have had on holder status… appellate rulings would be best. Have been looking online but this is getting FRUSTRATING. Can anybody give me links to cases and they MUST be from the Washington State court system. Whoever can give me the most useful stuff gets the 10 points.

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Answer by Cliff
The reason no one can help you is because you aren’t making it clear what issue you are looking into…It sounds like you may be looking for “holder in due course” rules in terms of what the status gives the holder and how a holder becomes one in due course…Try searching those terms

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