Alabama State University lawsuit against forensic auditor A report was

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Is bachelor degree in supply chain management at ashford university worth it?

Question by Choupasta: Is bachelor degree in supply chain management at ashford university worth it?
Just need some suggestions and reviews..tried to look for reviews online for this, but have not find any..and also needs to know how many classes do you need to take with ashford online to be full time student with one(3 credits) on ground class.

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Answer by Betsy
Ashford is a for-profit school and such schools should be avoided. Although it is regionally accredited, the accreditation may have come with the school when the school was purchased from the Sisters of St. Francis. The regional accrediting agencies are changing their policies allowing companies to get accreditation when they purchase campuses from other schools, skipping the accreditation process.

Below is a link to the Wikipedia article on Ashford. Be sure to read the section title “U.S. Department of Education Audit.”

You might also want to google “Ashford University scam,” and read some of the material you find.

Almost every state has at least one public college offering a bachelor’s degree in this area. I’d suggest that you find one in your state. You can get a better education there. You will also end up paying less. Your tuition and living expenses combined will probably be less than tuition alone at Ashford. If you really must take online courses, then talk with the public college about courses they might be offering online.

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